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"I am really trying to get off of the PR bandwagon," declares the formerly PR-friendly Robert Scoble. "We write something is amazing in the morning and then total junk in the afternoon," gripes Web 2.0 event regular Sarah Lacy. You see, neither Scoble nor Lacy got one of the secret advance "pre-briefings" from overhyped search engine Cuil prior to the site's launch on Sunday night. So they didn't get to lead the charge of Cuil is kewl! announcements, nor the backwash of Umm, maybe not retractions. Don't dismiss the pair's lengthy posts as sour grapes.Instead, read them aloud: This is the sound of two industry insiders observing the dreary results of the canned, controlled and scheduled "news" crafted by Valley publicists and parroted by self-styled "reporters" whose sole metric of success is pushing the Publish button first. All Lacy and Scoble needed was one morning on the outside. Yes, you two, this is how it looks to your readers every single day.