The economy is tanking and everybody is foraging for grubs rather than spending their hoarded nickels eating out at casual dining establishments. Poor Bennigan's just went under. Ruby Tuesday is vowing not to suffer the same fate! So the Bennigan's-like chain, which is hanging on by a thread (deep fried thread, Ranch on the side), has come up with a smart new plan to revive itself: blow up one of its stores! With explosives. This is sure to work. The detonation will be broadcast live on the company's website. The message of this stunt? "Our company sucks."

Teaser ads for detonation day include a sledgehammer wielding marketing executive who smashes a hanging lamp that would have been found in an "old" Ruby Tuesday's. Full-page newspaper ads show the brand's "manifesto" with copy shaped like a bomb.

If this doesn't work, they can just run ads saying "PLEASE GO TO APPLEBEE'S." [BrandWeek via Adfreak]