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MyYearbook, a social network for teens turned off by the old people thronging Facebook and MySpace, has raised an additional $13 million in venture capital. The social-network startup wooed by Barry Diller's IAC last year, but a deal never happened. The site claims to be the third biggest social network in the U.S.

Some prize: Numbers from Hitwise give MyYearbook 1.5 percent of U.S. traffic to social networks. Compared to MySpace's 71.9 percent and Facebook's 16.9 percent, that's a limp into bronze. Norwest Ventures Partners, US Venture Partners, and First Round Capital participated in this second round of funding. MyYearbook says that it will "use the money to create new services and make more money." One likely way it will do the latter: Dropping Glam Media as its online-advertising network so it can keep more of its advertising revenues.