Well god damn. Banksy really is mysterious! A couple of weeks ago we showed you what was allegedly a 1999 photo of Banksy, the once-secret-but-now-maybe-not street artist. Before that, there had only been one known photo of the man in existence. But now...it looks like there's still only one known photo. Stupid Brits and their stupid names! Here's what happened: A tipster wrote in to point out that the new photo we found is probably not of Banksy, the artist; it's of Banxy, the break dancer. Well who the fuck can keep track, really? Banxy is a dancer and performer in the UK who once appeared in a dance TV show with Deborah Bull, the British ballet dancer who appears with "Banksy" in this photo:

Here's a photo of Banxy, the dancer:

So, it's likely that the photographer who took the 1999 photos we found from Rex photo service simply heard "Banxy," assumed that it was the famous artist, and labeled the photos as such. Well, screw it. OUR BAD. We'll keep looking. [Banxy]