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Just when it looked as though viewers were going to be cruelly deprived of their weekly life-affirming glimpse into the lives of three mistresses of the universe who always drop everything to be supportive to one other (or to engage in the most idealized cougar-cub relationship ever likely to grace our screens), Lipstick Jungle has won an eleventh-hour reprieve.

Thanks to improved ratings last Friday (and nearly double the number of viewers the week before once DVR views were factored in), as well as "an outpouring of support from fans"—who, as Brooke Shields said, were even sending NBC chief Jeff Zucker lipstick in the mail—the Candace Bushnell adaptation will at least see out the season. But a third season will only happen, says NBC's Ben Silverman, if the show "grows more." So it's clearly incumbent upon us all to tune in—if only to see if the writers struggle to incorporate the recession into storylines.

'Lipstick Jungle' Isn't Cancelled, At Least Not Yet [NYT]