That Lewis Black show Root of All Evil, in which two comedians orate about two awful things and then Black decides which one is worse, tackles blogging in its next episode. King of Queens shlub Patton Oswalt is tasked to excoriate the dreaded medium and offers a pretty well-tread argument about how grammar and decency and experience and all that goes out the window and blah blah. There is a funny bit where he imagines Thomas Jefferson n' Pals signing the Declaration of Independence and then foolishly allowing an extra "comment scroll" so people could voice their opinion. Basically it's a build up to a joke about not wanting to fuck Sally Hemings with Betsy Ross' dick. Oh commenters! Everyone hates you. I mean not as much as they hate us. But, you know. There's hate. Watch Patton's statement above and below is Lewis Black's little opening anti-blogging rant. Can we find some new people to be mad at? Let's just go after all the iPhone users, OK?