The Anderson Cooper rumor mill most recently had the flirty CNN anchor dating an assistant to Barry Diller beard Diane Von Furstenberg in the wake of a breakup from 22-year-old JD Ordonez, a marine mammal trainer in California. Now we're told the silver-haired newsman is trying to settle down, albeit with a 24-ish guy, even as he trots the globe to film his upcoming Planet In Peril special. A tipster heard from the supposed boyfriend's associates that Cooper asked him to move in and that the boyfriend accepted. Is this boyfriend one and the same as Von Furstenberg's assistant? Who knows? (No, really — who knows?) The less friendly gossip is after the jump.

The vicious side of the Cooper boyfriend rumor has the young man temporarily using Cooper for his money, and planning to toss him aside when the novelty wears off — or at least pretending this is the plan for the sake of his more disapproving confidantes. But that could also be BS circulated by jealous gay friends!

And it's not like Cooper couldn't be using his boy toy for his own selfish purposes. A live-in layabout could handily prevent any more of the anchor's many stalkers from moving in!