When the waters finally rise and sluice their way into New York City streets, it will be the bloggers-crazy, beautiful, typo-ridden-who become the first responders. I mean look at the reportage from the front of California's ELE earthquake today. Perez scooped CNN! Because he was there, feeling the rumble and hum of his assets shaking in his chair. So what are these intrepid shut-ins saying of the event? Take a look at a little earthquake reaction digest after the jump.

  • Perez taught us lessons with a scientific earthquake diagram.
  • Mary Rambin, who fancies herself some sort of fashion person and is apparently in Los Angeles, said Holy Shit! and then remarked that she hadn't "felt the earth shaking since college." Hmm.... Euphemism?
  • The Superficial cursed the God that sent an earthquake but was unable to kill Heidi and Spencer. That we know of. They could be under a pile of IKEA rubble right now.
  • Mollygood similarly moaned about annoying celebrities not dying.
  • Worst Website In the World TMZ hasn't posted anything since 2:41. The only reasonable explanation is that they are all dead. So you heard it here first. TMZ: Dead.
  • Trent from Pink is the New Blog hasn't posted anything since a 4:00 am item about Estelle Getty. Though he lives in Detroit, we're still concerned. Update! He's on the Continent, out of harm's way. Until, you know, he goes back to Detroit.