Because it was only a matter of time before they lumped Obama in with the self-hating gays. Tigereye Design, a button maker in Ohio, decided to design a campaign button featuring the presidential candidate alongside Idaho Senate Democrat Larry LaRocco, under the caption "Change We Can Believe In." They, uh, got the wrong Larry. At left, the once smiling visage of Republican Congressman Larry Craig, he of the under-partition men's room proposition. The Washington Post's Sleuth blog reports that LaRocco campaign spokesman Dean Ferguson said he "just laughed like everyone else did" but adds that no one in the LaRocco camp commissioned any buttons. Operation Chaos proceeds apace. The best, though, is the Tigereye (how great is that name now?) flack's explanation for what happened:

Justin Hemminger, the political coordinator for the button maker, said:

"When our designer sat down to make this button, he positioned his mouse pointer over a photo of Larry LaRocco. This particular designer uses a fairly wide pointer arrow, which may have been in contact with a photo of Larry Craig."

Almost as good as Craig's excuse.