This whole thing is almost too hideous and useless to report, but, again, there is no news. To use a Choire-ism, news dried up and blew away about a month ago. So in these sere times, I am forced to mention that Chris Crocker&mdashsobbing Britney Spears apologist and, like, half a tranny-has up and done quit the YouTube. That's it! Like Lodwick and Gessen before him, it's over! I mean, there is of course one last video (smeared across the white internet page after the jump) in which Ms. Crocks asks his "legion" of fans to take a "deep ass breath" (heh, ass breath) and bravely swallow the news that, though he is its biggest star in recorded history, he has decided to leave YouTube because... well, I don't know. It's not really clear. See if you can parse the video yourself. What's really important, though, is that he's launched his own website, affiliated with new and soon-to-fail social networking site ShareNow. In his inaugural blog post he writes, demurely: "Hide your momma's, your daddies, and most importantly- your boyfriends. My official site is almost ready to launch.. Kisses & Cumshots, Chris Crocker" So that's, um, gross and irksome. Good luck... you.

[via LA Rag Mag]