Here's the new teaser trailer for Oliver Stone's under-anticipated biopic of our dim president's early years, W.. Josh Brolin plays the young, hedonistic Bush whose dreams of wearing tuxedo t-shirts to state dinners and not routing dictators are dashed after papa (James Cromwell) chides him for being an entitled wastrel and tells him to grow the hell up. Judging by the arch soundtrack ("What a Wonderful World") and goofy close-ups, we shouldn't expect too deep of a psychological investigation. The only conflict Stone's Dubya would ever call "Oedipal" is deciding whether to eat dog food as part of his frat hazing ritual. But if movie does turn out to be a cartoon, it'll be mildly disappointing because Stone's Nixon, though a seriously flawed film, took the surprising risk of rendering another reviled president as tortured in an almost Shakespearean way. It was Tricky Dick as tragic villain. Though Hollywood's resident conspiracy theorist's cultural influence has waned in recent years, his historical revision has become the conventional wisdom; see the reviews for Rick Perlstein's biography Nixonland, which makes the entire country a willing engine for Nixon's inner demons. Bad signs in W. already: 1. The casting of Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney. He already played that role in Rob Reiner's Crayola-written The American President, and brought as much subtlety to it as the shark that once tried to eat him. 2. The film PR campaign's insert of Bushisms. 3. It's opening in October for maximal electoral value, which means there might be another breathless conservative campaign to boycott it, matched by breathless defenses of its artistic merit from Stone. It happened to Brolin's real father when he played Ronald Reagan in a forgettable TV drama. [First Showing]