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♦ Jennifer Aniston is finally speaking out about her breakup with Brad Pitt. In the December issue of Vogue, she says what Angelina Jolie did was "really uncool," and that she had no idea that Brad had cheated on her until she read about it afterwards. [MSNBC, NYP]
♦ The security guard who roughed-up Brad Pitt at the premiere of his own movie on Monday night says he was only trying to protect Brad by helping him get away from a pack of aggressive photographers. [ET, NYP]
♦ Madonna is supposedly considering a career as a movie director so she can "rival" her ex, Guy Ritchie, at least according to her nutty brother Christopher Ciccone. She should have more time to pursue a directing career if she chooses to: Officials in Malawi have said she can "forget" about adopting another baby as long as she plans to bring it into a "broken home." [The Sun, MSNBC]
♦ Billy Ray Cyrus says he is trying to get Malia and Sasha Obama to appear in an episode of Hannah Montana. [NYDN]

♦ CBS' Lara Logan has tied the knot with Joe Burkett, the defense contractor whose baby she is expecting in January. [R&M]
♦ Hours after her son Jayden was released from the hospital, Britney Spears took him (along with the rest of her family) to an alligator park. What a mom. [The Sun]
♦ Adam Sandler's wife Jackie has given birth to the couple's second child, a daughter named Sunny Madeline. [Us]
♦ Reps for Jesse Metcalfe say he "accidentally slipped off a balcony and was knocked unconscious" while in Monaco to host the World Music Awards last weekend. You'll be happy to hear he's now recovering at a London hospital. [Us]
♦ Cameron Diaz is heading to England for the holidays to meet boyfriend Paul Sculfor's mom. [Daily Express]
♦ Brittny Gastineau's $20,000 watch and camera were both stolen while she was busy making out with The Hills' Doug Reinhardt during her birthday party in LA on Saturday night. [P6]
♦ Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for "allowing someone to smuggle a gun past security" at a party Kanye hosted back in 2005. Suge was shot and robbed at the event. [TMZ]
♦ Remember former call girl Natalie McLennan, who made the cover of New York in 2005 and later dished about Ashley Dupre? It seems photos, notes and her little black book have been posted to the Web. [P6]
♦ Kendra Wilkinson is engaged, but her mother now says she's too young to get married. (Apparently she wasn't too young to live with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion.) Also, Kendra has signed on to model for Marc Ecko's new line. [People, E!]
♦ Sacha Baron Cohen hired a couple porn actors to appear in the nude scenes in his new Bruno movie, just so you know. [R&M]