Just keep telling yourself it's not happening. Yesterday, a teen who got chomped on by one of the relentless hunters was the 15th victim of a shark attack in Volusia County, Fla, this year. "The boy was still in the emergency room early Friday afternoon, undergoing significant surgery. Hospital officials called it more than the average nip on the heel. They said the teen had serious cuts to the bottom of his foot, the top of his foot and his Achilles heel area."

"The attack happened near the inlet in New Smyrna Beach (see map) just before 9:00am. The 17-year-old from Titusville was surfing with his friends in an area where sharks were spotted just the day before. And it was just Wednesday that a 15-year-old Edgewater boy was bitten there after stepping on a shark.

"Beach Patrol said one of the reasons behind the latest attacks is a large run of bait fish in the water. Large schools of the fish are moving along the coast, as they often do in the mid-summer months, and sharks eager to feed are going after the schools of fish.

"It's also hot on the coast and the water is calm and that draws a lot of people into the ocean, which increases the chances there will be a bite." [WFTV]

But, hey, maybe if you just move somewhere far, far away the sharks will leave you alone. Think again, dreamer. The mad beasts are taking over Hawaii too!