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Adam Platt visits Irving Mill (left) and Inside Park at St. Bart's for New York this week. Chef Ryan Skeen's "meaty, calorie-rich repertoire" earns two stars for Irving Mill, but Platt is a little less enthusiastic about Inside Park, which gets a single star on account of the "eerie" atmosphere and despite his description of the food as "generally first-rate." [NYM]
♦ Eater has pics of David Chang's new Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar, which may open next week. [Eater]

♦ Shauna Lyon takes on Allegretti in this week's New Yorker. But the "unnecessarily complicated" dishes lead her to conclude that the restaurant "might not be quite ready for star billing." [NYer]
♦ Employees at the Palm Tribeca are working day and night to make sure the restaurant is ready for its debut on November 20th. [GS]
♦ A look around the newly-opened Hog Pit on West 26th Street. [NY Barfly]
♦ Chef Neil Ferguson is defending his decision to leave Allen & Delancey for Soho House, and says he made the jump because he's "all about cooking." [Eater]
♦ A round-up of the top contenders to become executive chef in Barack Obama's White House. [NYDN]