Remember last week, when I expressed a belief that you were all doing much better? Well, this week, not so much. I've learned a valuable lesson: Don't count your chickens while the maniacs are throwing eggs at each other. Or, as a friend put it earlier in the week, "if some of them learned how to read it wouldn't be such a problem." I agree with this sentiment, and would add a request that those of you who cannot refrain from being boringly vicious at least be more funny. Oh well, on to the death and circuses. Executed: Public Relations Crime: This is like a Bill O'Reilly monologue as performed by a drunken Pollyanna. But worse. Executed:DushkuFan3000 Crime: If only you could have torn yourself away from Dollhouse promo interviews long enough to email Richard, you might have been saved. Executed: Dfkdave Crime: Dfkdave is a whiny whiny dorkface. That is the proper spelling of dorkface. Happy? Executed: Johnny_boy Crime: Sigh. Also sigh. Executed: JamieDemon Crime: Richard killed Jamie earlier this week, but I'd just like to request that any would be NTJ-impersonators simply not bother. If anyone is just actually like this then you're sort of just basically screwed when it comes to Gawker commenting, everyone will assume you are playing a part. Sorry. Have fun at the commenter meetup, nerds.