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♦ Michelle Obama may end up on the cover of Vogue in the next few months: "It's been a long-standing tradition to photograph the new first lady. So needless to say, we are very interested in working with Mrs. Obama." But Ebony may get there first. [WWD]
♦ Shares of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. plunged today following the company's announcement it's revising its 2009 forecast. [Bloomberg]
New York television critic John Leonard has died. [Vulture]
♦ A round of layoffs have hit Hearst, although the exact numbers haven't been released. [Folio]

♦ Those election night holograms on CNN? They weren't actually holograms. [CBC]
♦ M. Shanken Communcations, which publishes the Wine Spectator (among other titles), has laid off 20 people. [FBNY]
Keith Olbermann may have found a new, post-election target: Campbell Brown. [HuffPo]
Lou Dobbs is going on a diet, you'll be happy to hear. [NYP]