Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew — the little scamp who mugged for cameras at his father's mayoral inauguration in 1994, then disappeared in anger after his parents' divorce — has been ejected from Duke's golf team for what his lawyers are calling "unfounded accusations" and a "bizarre Lord of the Flies scheme." Yes, you read that right, and it's good to know Andrew's counsel is as evocative as dad was as a federal prosecutor and prince of the city. While details are thin (Duke says it hasn't received a copy of the suit yet), Newsday hints at an intramural power struggle that's more Larry David than William Golding:

The suit portrays a hyper-controlling coach and recounts a series of trivial-sounding incidents. That Andrew once "flipped his putter a few feet to his golf bag." That he "leaned on his driver and it broke." That Andrew drove too rapidly out of the parking lot one day.

These incidents "were a fabricated and insufficient excuse" in a "rush to shrink the size of the Men's Golf team," the lawsuit alleges. When Andrew sought reinstatement, the suit claims, the coach pressured him to sign a sweeping legal waiver and, when he refused, began turning other teammates against him.

"Andrew's suspension would become a permanent cancellation of his athletic eligibility at Duke unless every single one of his twelve teammates wrote a letter to O.D. Vincent that O.D. Vincent deemed 'satisfactory' supporting Andrew's reinstatement to the team and explaining the reasons why," the suit says.

I thought Duke's preferred method of alienation was making you read Stanley Fish. Sorry, but all I'm getting here is a chubby, unliked speed demon from a clan that's too familiar with the grand majesty of the law.