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Did Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer really need 1,300 words to say the company has to do better against Apple and Google, with or without Yahoo? No, but he just can't help himself. A version you could get through before Microsoft's next reorg, below.

These priorities are critical:

  • Windows: It’s time to tell our story. We’ll launch a campaign to address any lingering doubts about Vista. We need developers to write unique Windows applications.
  • Apple: Apple is thriving because they provide an experience that is narrow but complete. Our commitment to choice comes with compromises. We’re changing.
  • Business and enterprise: Never been stronger.
  • Software plus services: A platform in the cloud and applications across PCs, phones, TVs, and other devices — an opportunity for us on the desktop.
  • Google: We’ll progress against Google upping R&D and acquisitions.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo was a tactic, not a strategy. We will get there with or without Yahoo.

Platforms and Services Division will split into two: Windows/Windows Live and Online Services. Nobody is better than we are.

(Photo by AP/Sarbach)