Though they only confirmed their relationship a short time ago, it looks like Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may already be heading for a break-up! One of our inside New York sources, Guest of a Guest spotted the actress/deejay duo at the Waverly Inn last night, a Gotham hotspot frequented by all of the Big Apple's most in-the-know glitterati. All seemed well enough as they dashed out of a sleek black SUV and past the usual swarm of paparazzi into the restaurant. But then things got ugly! Our source tells us:

We really did not pay much attention to them once we were seated, except at the end of their meal when Lindsay stood up and stepped/stumbled on [my friend's] foot. Without looking back or apologizing she headed straight out the door. We guess her exit was spontaneous as Samantha was behind her sputtering: 'Are you leaving?' 'Lindsay are you leaving?' 'I guess she's leaving.' 'She just left!'

And that's not good! Our body language analyst Nolan Ryan tells us: "Lindsay, by stepping on a guest's foot, shows us and Samantha that she's not afraid to step on people's toes. If your foot or toes are in the way of her foot or her toes then she will step on your toes or foot with her toes and foot. It doesn't look good for them." Another insider tells us that Lindsay was "wearing clothing" and "seemed to be breathing in and out."

Fans of the lesbian couple will most likely be holding some sort of candlelight vigil tonight outside the Beatrice Inn, another New Amsterdam sizzling nightspot. We have no word from either of the young ladies' reps, as we have no idea how to reach them. Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage, only on Gawker!