White man Michael Tunison (the same white man fired by the Washington Post for having an outside blog-racism in action?) has written a column for TheRoot.com. Who cares? White people like us who control the media, that's who! That's because Tunison's point is that most young whites today have friends of different races and would hate to be called racist, which is true but not that revelatory. The real reason we're interested is that they've illustrated the piece with a photo of Stephen Colbert and his "black friend Alan," played by our close personal friend Jordan Carlos! We emailed with him a couple times, we feel like we know him! I guess having a multicultural cast of friends comes naturally to young whites like us. Actually, we just felt the need to point this out: Tunison's piece is called "Racist: The N-Word for White People." That should be "Nilla." We've been over this. [The Root]