Ruh roh. The dreaded Real World: Brooklyn is on the move again. The Brooklyn Paper reports today that due to slow renovations at the BellTel lofts, the downtown BK building that MTV had originally eyed as housing for the seven vodka-infused strangers, the producers have settled on a new spot. Now the cast will likely be housed at Pier 41 in Red Hook, already the home of the legendary Fairway grocery store and the new, megalopolis IKEA. (IKEA has furnished the RW houses for many a season. Easy moving for the pre-production crew, at least!) "I'd rather have another Ikea," said a resident when asked about the impending storm of camera crews and drunken braying.

Reportedly the exact address of the building is 204 Van Dyke St., so if you live nearby, shutter your windows and blood your doors, because the Lord's wrath is on its way. Luckily, though, you ought to get a pretty clear idea fairly quickly of where the gaggle of idiots will be hanging out, because MTV usually signs preemptive filming waivers from one or two bars/restaurants before shooting so they don't have to worry about getting clearance at a bajillion different places. So find out which two bars those are, and avoid them like the plague for the next six months or so. Come on up to Park Slope in the meantime. We have strollers! And a park! And, uh, a slope!