Of all the cameos on Gossip Girl (Lydia Hearst! A kid I knew in college!), this one has to be my favorite. Jay McInerney is doing a guest spot next season. One of our saddest writers, McInerney wrote a definitive novel about youngs in New York called Bright Lights, Big City about sixty-three years ago and has been sorta mooching and blogging and bopping around since. (Oh fine, I suppose he's written some other novels too.) Matthew Settle, who plays Pa Humphrey on the New York City-set teen soap about the sadness and mystery of money, says that ol' Jay will be playing a mentor to Dan, a strapping DUMBO teen who aspires to be a writer (he's already been published in The New Yorker! Fist bump!) So that's just pretty much hilarious. Hopefully he'll enjoy the crafts services.