Michael Savage, the fag-hating radio host who thinks autism is the parents' fault, may seem like your typical blustery foaming-at-the-mouth neocon bigoted piece of shit. But Radar suggests that that's not necessarily so. I mean, yes, he's a neocon bigoted piece of shit, but one with a hippie past. Well, enough of a hippie/beatnik past to have been friends with Howl scribe and confirmed sodomite Allen Ginsberg. They wrote letters, long ago in the animal soup of time when Savage was Michael Weiner:

Dear Allen:

After speaking to you on the phone about how nice the black-white thing is in mountain villages in Fiji, I walked downstairs to the school courtyard, where a little-known black brother looks at me, takes my hand gently, we do some old-world Lower East Side finger tricks, and he peacefully kisses the back of my hand-I do the same for his hand. I told him about our brief talk, and he says, "I must have felt the vibes."

Michael Weiner

That's from 1970. Radar also mentions a rumored-about photo of Ginsberg and Savage swimming naked together in the balmy waters off of Fiji. Oh hoooooo. Were he alive today, I wonder what Ginsberg would say about this batshit zealot who was once his friend, long ago. Probably something about the best minds of his generation being destroyed by madness. I'm with you in Rockland, Allen.