It might be better if people protested right-wing radio talk show host Michael Savage on those rare occasions he said something reasonable. It's getting too hard to keep up with the phoned-in shock and outrage whenever he wishes gays would die of AIDS, Muslims would quit the continent, or parents of autistic children would realize — as he told them to yesterday — that "In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. ... They don't have a father around to tell them, 'Don't act like a moron. ... Act like a man. Don't sit there crying and screaming, idiot.'" Or at least go on the air and make money doing it. Sounds like someone's overcompensating after reading about how much Limbaugh's pulling in. Many angry moms and dads lined the street outside Savage's WOR building in Manhattan today, calling for his termination. He in turn maintained a posture of defiance, then issued the following "clarification" on his website:

My comments about autism were meant to boldly awaken parents and children to the medical community's attempt to label too many children or adults as "autistic."

Just as some drug companies have overdiagnosed "ADD" and "ADHD" to peddle dangerous speed-like drugs to children as young as 4 years of age, this cartel of doctors and drug companies is now creating a national panic by overdiagnosing "autism, for which there is no definitive medical diagnosis!

Many children are being victimized by being diagnosed with an "illness" which may not exist, in all cases. Just a few weeks ago doctors recommended dangerous anti-cholesterol drugs for children as young as 2 years of age! Without any scientific studies on the possible dangers of such drugs on children, corrupt doctors made this controversial, unscientific recommendation.

Fat-assed, mollycoddled toddlers. Where's Daddy to smack the little bastards thin?

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