Emily Brill, the socialite heiressblogger, went to private Manhattan prep school Dalton. What does she have to say about the forthcoming Schooled, a novel set in a private school written by ex-Dalton teacher Anisha Lakhani? Brill wants us to know that private-school preps are intellectual, and not as vapid and vicious as the Gossip Girl girls:

"I decided to get going on Schooled at the Carlyle Hotel where my dad often took me for breakfast before beginning my Dalton days. The main dining room was always a power scene on weekday mornings and I'd leave feeling charged. These unique ways I sometimes began my days weren't atypical for children who grew up in ‘the bubble'. When applied correctly, privilege cultivates intellect... I wasn't special for the fact that I had caught Meet the Press or read so and so's Op-Ed."

It sounds like these Dalton kids are indeed very high-minded! So what's a Dalton grad like Brill doing blogging for free about the Hamptons and C-list party-benefits?

[Essentially Emily]