Ruh roh. Devorah Rose, Social Life magazine person (and friend of totes essential heiress and blogger Emily Brill), has been robbed. Someone has purloined her digital camera, which contained many important photos. If you are the nefarious crook, don't even think about posting them online because Devi will know who you are and she will fuck your shit the fuck up. "This isn't a game. But if you want to play, I am going to win," she warns in the most ominous way possible, via a Facebook status update. The intimidation continues with a shot of her bikini clad self mashing up against some other young chippy. So take heed, wicked camburglar, don't be puttin' her stuff up on tumblr or she'll Flickr you in the head. Click for larger Sapphic Facebook screenshot. Update: A tipster tells us "FYI: No one actually stole her camera. Its a desperate attempt at an 'interesting' plot development of her upcoming reality show. And you just played into it with that posting..." Oh snap! We've been had! Devorah, u stole mah fotobucket.