So what's going on with hip hop radio queen Wendy Williams' new morning TV talk show these days? Strife, anger, and war, that's what! You can't say Williams isn't a pro. She knows she has a reputation for evil herself, so she went out and found one of the most widely despised semi-celebrity figures in America-ex-Apprentice star and insane person Omarosa-and invited her on the show yesterday. Chaos ensued! Highlights and the very special video, after the jump.

As soon as Omarosa came out, she was offended (no idea why). Then Wendy Williams tried to take Omarosa's book to show the audience, and Omarosa snatched it back (no idea why). Then, despite the best efforts of Wendy to be reasonable, the sniping continued throughout the interview, like so:

W: And you are rich. That is what you said on the BET red carpet.

O: And I represent my community well. I give back more to my community than anyone that I know. So if that's being ABW, you are reinforcing stereotypes. That's important for you not to do. Cause you don't know. You really don't.

W: Listen, you're not my type Omarosa, and let me tell you…

O: Trust me.

W: Twenty two years I've been doing what I'm doing…

O: But don't be fake. Because what happens is you have guests on your show and then you go on your radio show and talk smack instead of doing it when they are sitting on the couch.

W: I'm doing it right here.

O: I don't have to be your type, but let me be clear. Been there, done that.

Here's the video, which is fairly entertaining. If Williams can just get Dick Cheney and some sort of convicted killer to come on next, her reputation will be restored!