That's Cuba Gooding Jr. (natch), Lucy Liu, Jim Caviezel, Adrien Brody (sigh), Ben Chaplin, Wes Bentley, Emma Stone (really?), and the doomed Heather Graham. Well, these are The Playlist's picks for who needs new representation. We agree with most of the choices, except for Emma Stone, who is so new to the scene that it's hard to tell. In fact, we think she could be a member of the Tabloid Class of 2010. We've added another suggestion after the jump.

Joan Allen

The Steppenwolf Theatre alum has done such fine work in The Crucible, Nixon, and The Upside of Anger that we're not really sure why she isn't in every other prestige drama, a la Laura Linney. Yes her reps were clever to get her on board the Bourne movies, as those were kicky good fun and she did actually get to act a bit. But why God why is she next starring in a movie called Death Race alongside such notables as Jason Statham and Tyrese? And then, after that, she's doing a tiny movie called Good Sharma. At least she's got that Lasse Hallström movie coming up. Though, regrettably, it's called Hachiko: A Dog's Story. Oh, and she's coming to Broadway soon. Maybe that's the beginning of a renaissance, Joan! In the meantime, get better people.

Who do you think? Anyone else who's perpetually denied golden opportunities or makes terrible choices, seemingly on the advice of representation?