This went up yesterday, and it's still live, so your summer could be made! "So here's the deal... I'm usually in the Hamptons with my girlfriend at my folks house, not far from the town of West Hampton. However, luck would have it that my folks are going away for a week and we're at the house alone. We like to mix it up and have fun with another guy, keeps our relationship interesting and fresh. She's only into guys but knows I like getting it on with another guy while she either watches or gets involved. So what I'm offering is this... if you're looking to get away from the madness of your share house this weekend and looking to stay with us for a couple of nights, let me know how willing you are to please us... sexually. If we think it matches with our style, we'll expect you this evening. Here's a picture of me for starters..."

Sorry, I won't post the pic, in case it's a prank on some innocent, silly-looking dude. (And who would post a pic with an expression like that on his mug when he's looking for sex?) But go see him, and maybe meet your Hamptons house-ticket here.