They get a little closer every day! Just yesterday one of the meat-crazed super-fish was defeated by a crew of life guards after it snuck up on some swimmers at Jones Beach. That's a real beach! Not some silly, pissy Hamptons beach where you deserve to be chomped into chum!

"Beachgoers seeking relief from steamy weather by taking a dip in Zach's Bay were thwarted for a second day by a lurking thresher shark - at least until it was caught Friday afternoon.

"The call dreaded by swimmers - 'Shark! Shark!' - rang out at Jones Beach State Park about 1:30 p.m., causing the 50 people to run from the water.

"Within a half-hour, the shark had made it to shore. Three lifeguards caught it by the tail, muscled it into a plastic container sans lid, and carted it away on an all-terrain vehicle as crowds gathered to catch a glimpse.

"Tim Byrne, the park's director of operations, said the shark caught Friday was the same one he first spotted on Thursday, and which had prompted officials to close the same beach to bathers.

"'It's the same size, same coloration - down to a small mark on its lower tail fin,' said Byrne, an avid fisherman."

"The shark was a baby with a 3-foot body and a 3-foot tail that is thought to have been disoriented when it entered the bay, said George Gorman, deputy regional director of the state Parks Department.

"Aside from being a little battered from the sand, Gorman said the shark looked healthy. 'It was small,' Gorman said. 'It was not imposing or threatening at all.'

"The shark was taken to an area off Jones Beach where it was released miles from shore into the Atlantic Ocean." [Newsday]

Oh my, did I overstate the threat this time? Well, one thing I know about baby sharks-they grow up!