The Huffington Post, that repository of crackpot rants and informed political debate (plus "verticals"! Lots of verticals) does not pay its bloggers. But they hypothetically might, sometime in the future. HuffPo CEO Betsy Morgan (formerly of was interviewed by her college alumni magazine. After the jump, probably the most obnoxious and telling new-media statement of our time about actually paying employees. (Hint? "So 1993.") (Mixed Media via CJR)

That said, we have a very good relationship with our bloggers; we're unbelievably respectful of them. By blogging, they get terrific exposure and our brand gives them a unique platform. We've had a positive two-way relationship with them. Could that include money at some point? Sure. But it feels very 1993 to say, ‘Hey, it's all about the check that I get at the end of the month.'

How incredibly, arrogantly out of touch. But hey, but this wouldn't be such a problem if people started REFUSING TO WRITE FOR FREE!

[Q&A: Betsy Morgan]