Ventriloquism NYC introduces the "Yupre." It's a "Young Urban Pre-Professional," sort of like a junior yuppie—a wannabe. It's hard to turn into an actual Yuppie these days, what with the economy and the proliferation of permalance white-collar jobs. (One can hardly be a Yuppie and lack health insurance.) A Yupre, for example, might work for free or for peanuts as an intern in media.

"Many of these new and temporary arrivals will never achieve full employment while in New York, taking a series of internships, volunteer positions and part time jobs to make ends meet before shuffling off to middle America, suburbia or Los Angeles. Despite this, they define the (cultural) economy of New York."

Yupres are like baby yuppies—small fish that may never get the chance to grow up. They might get eaten by a bigger fish on their way up, or captured by a tuna net. Or an $8/hour internship at O magazine.

[Ventriloquism NYC]