Well, it's been a year or two since the corporate world started its "green" advertising revolution, and it's worked. The problem is solved! The problem being the fickle consumer's desire to hear companies talk about how "green" they are. "After 18 months, levels of concern on any issue tend to drop off," explains one marketing wizard. Now we can all sit back and feel good about what we've accomplished! The earth is still destined for environmental ruin, but at least we'll be subjected to less marketing bastardization like this:

[Bloggers] and other Internet critics have already started to expose what they see as greenwash advertising. A French group called l'Alliance Pour la Planète, for example, cites an ad for a Japanese sport utility vehicle that was billed as having been "conceived and developed in the homeland of the Kyoto accords," the international emissions-reduction agreement.

The Times' advice: "avoid vague and unsubstantiated claims - the kind that bloggers and other critics are quick to pounce on." That's the New York Times, conceived and developed in the homeland of the Son of Sam killer.