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Campbell Brown is reportedly pregnant. [TVNewser]
♦ Arianna Huffington and Tina Brown aren't in competition. They're best friends! [NYT]
The Robb Report is on the market. The price? "Upwards of $100 million." [Folio]
♦ NBC has exiled the struggling Lipstick Jungle to Friday nights. [Variety]
♦ CNN's new (and appallingly unfunny) political humor show starring D.L. Hughley debuted this past weekend. [NYT]

♦ As if you hadn't heard this news 36 times before, new data shows that newspaper circulation is declining. [AdAge]
♦ Agents and TV execs might be eager to sign Sarah Palin if she loses the election, but Alaska ethics laws might get in the way of her TV career. [Politico]
♦ What will become of the Huffington Post (and other politically-themed sites) after the election? [AdAge]
♦ David Geffen has officially left DreamWorks. [NYT]
♦ Michelle Obama will appear on The Tonight Show this evening. [AP]