Recently, we explained how to make fun of Barack Obama. We thought that would be the end of it! But no, you people-you animals-have more questions, so many more questions. Questions we're obligated to answer. Don't thank us, we're just doing our job. Below: snappy answers to stupid questions about Barack Obama.

Q: How should you draw Barack Obama?

A. With a prominent chin, and oversized ears that stick out. Toothy. He can be brown. He shouldn't look like Howard Dean. He doesn't have a mustache. [The Root]

Q. What should Barack Obama wear on his lapel?

A. Something hope-y. Or something funny. Or: "If he was honest, Obama would wear a turban and be done with it." [NYT]

Q. If we elect Barack Obama will there be no more racism?

A. Come on. [The Root]

Q. How many times a day does Barack Obama go to the gym?

A. 3. [ABC]

Q. Does Barack Obama sweat, like the humans?

A. No. [AP]

Q. Which Will Smith film performance best provides an unintentional and quite insulting gloss on the early life of Barack Obama?

A. His part as a gay hustler pretending to be the son of Sidney Poitier in John Guare's Six Degrees of Separation.

Either that or his part in I, Robot as a cop who doesn't play by the rules and hates robots.

Q. Why won't Barack Obama cuddle with me?

A. He needs his space. [Slate]