It was good to see stalwart judge Nina Garcia on Project Runway last night, especially after all the foofaraw about her fashion director position at Elle magazine. As the show has tie-ins with Elle, if poor Nina got completely muscled out of that job, her PR gig could have disappeared as well. Luckily that didn't happen. She's still "working" for Elle as long as this season is taping, but she's basically dunzo. To that end, she was embarrassingly introduced as an "Editor-at-Large" for Elle on the show , which we all know is a bullshit title. So sad! Poor Nina! Though, don't feel too bad. The woman is getting paid thousands for public "celebrity" appearances.

A source tells us, when asked about Garcia's final months at Elle: "One of the last things she did were appearances for Anne Klein and I think she charged somewhere around $60K-$70K for it (though possibly a bit more) plus of course, all her expenses, first class travel, 5star hotels, etc. She charged for everything...she charges for appearing on PR as well."

Oho! Good on you, Ms. Garcia. Makin' a buck and knowing how to do it. If she's getting that, can you imagine what Tim Gunn is getting when he makes public appearances? Actually we do know. When Tim Gunn appears in public he gets... sad.