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BlogHer, the world's largest network of mommybloggers and women who are not mommies, has a new deal with NBC Universal: $5 million from their Peacock Equity fund, and a partnership with iVillage, the leading pastel content provider for ladies. More baby stuff and diet ads will follow at BlogHer, yes, but "we've been able to syndicate ads that make our bloggers happy," says BlogHer cofounder, Lisa Stone. Ads are just the acrylic tip of it.

En route to BlogHer's San Francisco conference this weekend, which has blossomed from 300 to 3,000 attendees in four years, four mommy bloggers geared up with sponsored cars and EVDO wireless broadband are documenting their pilgrimage. For a conference and a community with a nigh-religious following, many are eagerly embracing their own monetization as a form of proving their girl-powered devotion. Sisterhood, meet syndication. (Photo by Sarah606)