· The answer is probably no, but that didn't stop Seth Green from stumping Barbara Walters with what will surely go down as one of the slyest Lost resets you'll ever see worked into a talk show appearance. Also? We sincerely hope that someone breaks out the webcam when Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets around to watching Party Monster. That would make for the mother of all YouTube reaction videos. [The View]
· Speaking of former child stars, looks like Family Ties replacement kid Brian Bonsall has fallen on some tough times. [People]
· The Daily Show, whose track record for promoting female talent makes Lorne Michaels look like Helen Gurley Brown, is about to lose what little amount of female talent they have on staff. Emmy winner Rachel Axler, the only female writer they had on staff, will be making her way to the greener pastures of network TV as a writer for that Office spin-off that isn't really a spin-off. [Videogum]
· Character actor extraordinaire Larry Miller walks through some of his most memorable "Hey, It's That Guy" roles with The Onion's A/V Club. [A/V Club]
· I guess we can cross Claire Danes off the list of potential guest stars for the next season of Entourage. After all, we all know how much Johnny Drama hates top talls. [Best Week Ever]