So, um, you know what starts in 48 days? The month of September of course, when kids go back to school, geese start poking their heads southward, and the nights begin to get crisp again. And, as luck would have it, that's the exact date-to the delight of some and the misery of most-of the oh my f'ing g'ing second season premiere of Manhattan-set teen soap Gossip Girl. The action kicks off in the Hamptons, as we've all known for some time, but what and who is going down on that leafy little wisp of land? Judging from the promo clips that have been running on The CW, Chuck sleeps with a foreign girl, Serena may bone a lifeguard, and Nate has some sort of sex that leaves him running into the middle of the street in just his underpants. Also, there's a new boy in town. Oh, Josh. Watch the compiled promos after the jump.