♦ Yesterday's sell-off is expected to continue today. [WSJ]
♦ Even Goldman Sachs is cutting. The firm plans to cut 10 percent of its 32,000 employees. [WSJ]
♦ The glory days of hedge funds are over, as you're probably aware. [NYT]
♦ Credit Suisse reported a $1.08 billion loss during the third quarter. [DB]
♦ The inquiry into the financial crisis on Capitol Hill continues. Today's guest piñata will be Alan Greenspan. [NYT]

♦ Foreclosures are up 23 percent from a year ago. [Reuters]
♦ And you thought your 401K account was down: Warren Buffett has lost $9.6 billion on paper this year due to the decline in Berkshire Hathaway. [WSJ]
♦ Bank of America plans to retain a handful of key execs as part of the Merrill Lynch acquisition, including John Thain's right-hand, Greg Fleming. [WSJ]
♦ Sumner Redstone says he has no plans to sell Viacom or CBS. [WSJ]
♦ AIG has tapped Burston-Marsteller, headed up by former Hillary strategist Mark Penn, to help do damage control. [NYP]
♦ Ken Griffin sees a long road ahead for hedge funds. [Chicago Tribune via DB]