Often times men in the public eye, particularly those who dress snappy or act "strangely" or marry, um, different women, are accused of being wicked sodomites. Nine times out of 10 they vehemently deny it, often ending up looking more gay than they did before. The latest example is Al Reynolds, that fey fellow who was married to regrettable former The View yakker Star Jones. I guess people thought he was gay because he wore nice-ish clothes and, um, married Star Jones. Now, because no one has talked about him for at least a year, he recently felt compelled to record an interview with a fake journalist in which—at poorly edited and protest-too-much length—he tries to refute the scuttlebutt(sex). He slapped the thing up on YouTube, and, blargh, it's a mess. The video of that sad act stands above, as the number one example of what not to do when denying gay rumors. A few other tips lie after the jump.

You also probably shouldn't: