Lovers of moguls and fashion house revivals pay heed: Halston, the 70s luxury brand that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is attempting to restore to its former glory, has lost its creative director! Marco Zanini, who came to Halston from Versace a year ago to revive the brand, has reportedly been shown the door. Apparently he didn't have the "sexual charge" that Weinstein craves. Don't worry Harvey, you still have Project Runway!

The International Herald Tribune described Zanini's first outing as "a polite homage to the Halston heritage without much fire," lacking the "sexual charge" so inherent to the label's DNA and the original designer's own lifestyle. Sources at the time said Zanini was devastated by the reviews.

Anyone who works for Weinstein Co., remember to keep things sexually charged at all times. Harvey knows just what that term means; he's married to Georgina Chapman, a sexually charged designer herself. But don't cry for the mogul, because a new analysis of Project Runway, the company's most successful property (maybe it has better sexual charging?) indicates it could be worth more than $240 million if Weinstein decided to sell it. That's enough for plenty of dresses. Sexual dresses.

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