If you're annoyed by internet fameball Julia Allison and Non Society, the "lifecasting" startup she just launched with partners Mary Rambin, Megan Asha and (effectively) Wired magazine, you could always wig out and publish your extensive thoughts on every last reason the site is a grotesque monument to talentless celebrity and that the people involved are annoying. Or you could make like Topher Chris, aka Christopher Price, and resign yourself to the fact that your life will never be as amazing and action-packed and CRAZY as those of Allison & Co., and will consist entirely of doing pedestrian things that no one in their right mind would want to watch, totally unlike Allison and her buddies (ahem). Then you could set up a site called, say, Non Exciting, based on this shockingly honest premise. And then you might even find, in the end, that you've actually created (intentionally or not) the most clever send-up of Allison's fame to date. After the jump, a side-by-side comparison of the Non Exciting and Non Society intro videos.

Non Exciting intro:

Non Society (in case you already forgot):

[Non Exciting]