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After inexplicably deciding that the attention she'll get from becoming a castmember of the Real Housewives of New York is worth it, Kelly Killoren Bensimon—ex-wife of ancient photog Gilles Bensimon, former Elle staffer and current Page Six Magazine columnist—is now going to milk it while doing her best to convey that she's infinitely superior to her castmates, who don't even get invited to Fashion Week, by the way. At a party for her new jewelry line, Kelly shared her opinion of LuAnn, Jill and the rest of the gang with the Observer, and let's just say that if she's as good at designing jewelry as she is at damning with passive aggressive faint praise, she won't need to appear on crappy reality TV for more than one season!

"LuAnn and I get along because we're both similar in a lot of ways. We have kind of similar backgrounds."[Translation: Her aristocracy-by-marriage means that I'm grudgingly willing to associate with her.]

"I like Ramona a lot—I'm really impressed by her and the way that she works." [She's completely terrifying and will throw a fit unless I say that.]

"Jill, I like her enthusiasm." [She's a monster, but I might want a discount from her fabric store the next time I buy some new couches.]

"Alex, she's a lovely mom." [She doesn't actually possess a personality and have you seen that husband?]

"I like that Bethenny is hardworking." [I'm much prettier than her, right?]

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