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Adam Platt reviews Apiary and Delicatessen in this week's issue of New York. While the former earns a star, Delicatessen is ravaged for, among other things, "a Reuben sandwich that looks like it's been issued directly from the kitchens of Continental Airlines." [NYM]
♦ Gray's Papaya's "recession special" just got a little less special: Two franks and a drink will now cost you $4.45. [NYT]
♦ The best street food in NYC? Calexico took home top honors at the annual Vendy Awards. [Eater]

♦ A look inside Braeburn, which opened on Friday on Perry Street. [Eater]
♦ Shake Shack's UWS location opened yesterday. [GS]
♦ A sneak peek at the Charles, which opens on West 4th Street on Wednesday. [Thrillist]
♦ Wakiya will close on December 21. [Eater]
♦ A list of cheap eats courtesy of Guest of a Guest. [GoaG]
♦ Spanish culinary god Ferran Adria pays a visit to Katz's deli. [Serious Eats]