Christopher Ciccone is Madonna's brother and the author of America's most important new book, his "extremely graphic and devastating," tell-all about his sister's life. But Ciccone seems to be getting a woefully scant amount of press from the usual celebrity-slobbering suspects. Perhaps that's because Madonna's rep Liz Rosenberg-one of America's foremost lying flacks!-is putting the hammer down on any outlet that wants to keep covering the old blond "singer."

Jossip says that Rosenberg saw a promo spot for a Ciccone interview, became enraged, and promptly made some phone calls to ensure that neither Entertainment Tonight nor The Insider would give his book any coverage. Considering Rosenberg's reputation for pulling strings-and her control of Madonna, a much huger bargaining chip than anything Ciccone could offer on a long term basis-it's plausible.

Now a clip of Good Morning America's interview-they're too big for Rosenberg to cow, apparently:

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