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♦ Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie really divorcing? It might be another rumor or really a Sun exclusive, but the British tabloid says they plan to announce the split as soon as today. [The Sun]
Christie Brinkley is suing Peter Cook for violating the couple's confidentiality agreement by talking about their relationship on 20/20. [NYP]
♦ The "mystery illness" that's caused Janet Jackson to cancel tour dates is supposedly a vestibular migraine, which "induces the sensation of vertigo." The good news is that now she's apparently cured. [ET]
♦ Raffaello Follieri's lawyers yesterday asked a judge to "go easy" on Raffaello in exchange for his quick return to Italy where he'll "never be heard from again." Ha! [NYDN]
♦ The 40-year-old CEO of a company called Future Tech Enterprise on Long Island is actually paying $20,000 to box Michael Lohan. And Stephen Baldwin is now planning to serve as the match judge. [Newsday via NYO]

♦ Before flying back to LA, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston were spotted having romantic dinners at Il Mulino on Saturday night and La Esquina on Sunday. [People, P6]
Chelsea Clinton attended Yom Kippur services last week at the Jewish Theological Seminary with her boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky. [R&M]
Woody Johnson's fiancée Suzanne Ircha gave birth to a baby boy named Jack yesterday. [P6]
♦ DJ AM will be performing tonight a Jay-Z concert. It's his first outing since his plane crashed last month. [E!]
♦ Not all the reviews have been positive for Madonna's directoral debut, although Marc Jacobs thought it was great. [R&M]
♦ Ringo Starr says he doesn't have time to autograph photos anymore, and that he's going to trash all the fan mail he gets starting next week. Just in case you were planning to write. [NYDN]
♦ John McCain told a reporter that he thinks Sarah Palin will be on Saturday Night Live, although show execs are still saying that nothing has been confirmed. [MSNBC]
Rachael Ray says rumors that she was a bad hostess at the Wine & Food Festival's Burger Bash last Friday are completely untrue. [R&M]
♦ Is Dick Ebersol vying to become the next commissioner of Major League Baseball? [P6]
♦ After five years on reality TV, Lauren Conrad says she's "ready to kind of walk away" from The Hills. [E!]
♦ Denis Leary makes fun of kids with autism (along with Dr. Phil, Paul McCartney, and Hillary Clinton) in his new book. [P6]
♦ Travis Barker's ex Shanna Moakler was spotted partying with Gerard Butler on Monday night. [E!]
♦ A California judge has issued a temporary order against Hayden Panettiere's dad not to "harass, strike or threaten" his wife. [People]
♦ Christina Aguilera says she definitely wants to have more babies. [People]
♦ Blake Lively's dad has been in the hospital since getting seriously injured in a car accident Monday. [Star]