Don't think for a second that Fox News has a monopoly on vicious, personal attacks against its media competitors. Daniel Saynt (pictured, left) of the blog Fashion Indie is in his own, particularly bitchy catfight with Sarah Conley and Julie Frederickson (pictured, right) of Coutorture. The battle started with a racial insult, then progressed to trash talking and now involves unflattering photos. And one gets the feeling that, when all is said and done, it's going to make the despicably nasty Fox-Times brawl look like a tea party. The whole thing started when Saynt wrote the following noxious critique of Vogue's Andre Leon Talley:

You make way too much money to have teeth like that. Seriously dude hire a dentist...

Turbans are for terrorist. Yeah I said it. (Let the hate mail commence.)...

You're a blimp... Double breasted suits are for thin people, not people with double breasts.

(Emphasis added.)

Conley wrote in the comments, under her own name, that "this is really pushing the limits."

Later, an anonymous commenter asked, "what do you actually do?... does anyone actually give a shit who you are?"

WHAT? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM???! Or, as Saynt put it,

We are one of the most successful fashion blogs on the planet. More people read us than all the international Vogue's [sic] combined. Number two, I've recently been on the Tyra Banks Show, MTV, and The Travel Chanel bestowing on others my genius. Also, Time Out New York listed us as one of the top blogs of New York City, just under the Satorialist.

...Does anyone give a shit about me? Try over 500,000 readers per month and an industry that has already marked me as one of the top upcoming influencers in fashion... Don't be jealous, just accept.

Then another anonymous commenter called into question Saynt's traffic claims.

When Saynt went to check the IP addresses on at least one of these anonymous comments, he became convinced he was being heckled by Conley and Frederickson. Further evidence for this came when Conley sent an email dropping Saynt from Coutorture's blog network just a few minutes after he replied to one of the anonymous posts.

Having made bigoted and nasty comments about Talley, and having tussled with critics of these comments, Saynt went on to further establish himself as the Fox News of this confrontation by writing a new post that called Conley fat ("Sarah herself is not a svelte fashionista, so I could see why saying Andre Leon Tally was 'too fat for fashion' might offend someone like herself) and ran pictures of Conley looking "really shitty," like this one:

OK actually, maybe this spat will never outdo the Fox-Times brawl — except by the standards of middle school, which in the world of fashion is pretty much the metric of choice. As style blog the Pipeline noted, "this is as mad a skirmish as we've ever seen... In fashion, this is the equivalent of a nuclear strike."

[via the Pipeline]

(Top photos via Mediabistro and Flickr, lower photo via Flickr)