Remember James Kurisunkal, the Illinois college student behind Park Avenue Peerage? It's the other formerly anonymous socialite website, along with the now-defunct Socialite Rank. (He updated it from his dorm room and had never been to New York when he started it—but once New York magazine came sniffing around for a story, they gave him an internship.) "I suppose they spend a lot of time in the Hamptons in the summer," he told the New York Times about the socialites he wrote about from afar. Well, now he can find out for himself—we spy his byline over on Hamptons Style! Aww; we hear he's an associate editor there now. What's he writin'?

Oh, it's about socialite Tinsley Mortimer's sister-in-law, Minnie. Minnie's brother is Paper magazine's Peter Davis. Minnie has a line of clothing to hawk:

Each of the apparel pieces in the collection is named after one of her best friends. "These are the people that I've known since I was five years old." Distance makes the heart grow weary, and the two months she will spend in her beloved Southampton is the time of the year she looks forward to the most. Stephen taught her to surf the waves in Biarritz, Mustique, and in St. Bart's, where they honeymooned, and Minnie wants to take him to Flying Point Beach, so she can share with him the coastal community that she loves more than any other in the world. She plans on staying put once she gets here and intends on visiting Manhattan only rarely. Minnie asks, "Why leave when everything I need and everyone I love is here?"

[Hamptons Style]