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♦ Not only did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renew their vows at 3:15 a.m. in Las Vegas on Sunday, they did it in a joint ceremony with Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran and his wife Jessica. [E!, People]
♦ Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson tell friends they're planning on dressing up as Todd and Sarah Palin for Halloween. [NYDN]
Jay-Z couldn't get any London clubs to pay his $50,000 appearance fee this weekend. [This London Blog via E!]
♦ Is Suri Cruise lonely and sad because has no friends her own age? [P6]

Star Jones tells Essence that her former View co-stars were "hateful," and that she still hasn't gotten over her feud with Barbara Walters. [People]
♦ A Boston musician is suing Jon Bon Jovi for $400 billion for stealing his lyrics. [NYP]
♦ Janet Jackson is cancelling another round of concert dates on account of her mysterious illness. [E!]
Mariah Carey had so much luggage to bring with her to Las Vegas, she had her entourage fly Southwest Airlines with the luggage while she and Nick Cannon took a chartered Gulfstream. [P6]
♦ Drew Barrymore is still dating a 24-year-old waiter from the Spotted Pig. [NYDN]
♦ Samantha Ronson is suing Martin Garbus, the lawyer she first hired to rep her in a defamation suit against Perez Hilton. [NYDN]
♦ Was the rumor of a feud between Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett started by the Post or by CNBC execs? [P6]
♦ It looks like Edgar Bronfman Jr. will have a new grandchild soon enough: M.I.A., whose fiance is Bronfman's son, Ben Brewer, is pregnant. [Brooklyn Vegan via Gawker]
Ivana Trump's husband Rossano Rubicondi is going to be a contestant on an Italian reality show called "Celebrity Survivor." [P6]
♦ Leonardo DiCaprio got hit with a liquid-filled condom at The Box the other night. [R&M]
♦ A recovering Travis Barker has been posting photos of himself in the hospital. He's also been dissing his ex, Shanna Moakler, on his MySpace page. [NYDN]
Cosmopolitan's UK edition has named Johnny Depp the world's sexiest man. [Daily Star]
♦ Victoria Beckham tells the UK edition of Glamour that she's not trying to get pregnant "at the moment," but that she may have another baby in the future. [People]
♦ Jamie-Lynn Spears' reps are still denying that the singer is pregnant. [Daily Star]
♦ Lisa Marie Presley has given birth to twin girls. [People]
Erykah Badu is pregnant with her third child. [Us]